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This Book is about Attracting Customers in a Distracting World

  • We are living in a visibility economy: products and services that aren’t visible go unnoticed by potential customers
  • But whereas visibility was once a costly commodity that came at the price of big-budget advertising campaigns on TV and in print media, high-value visibility can now be reliably obtained on a shoestring.
  • This book shows readers the six steps they have to take to create smart visibility for the business in order to reach key customers and increase sales significantly
  • And anyone who has internalized the three dimensions of value-oriented visibility —relevance, authority, and storytelling — will have no need to resort to loud and attention-grabbing campaigns in the future
  • "Visible! Attracting Customers in a Distracted World" by Oliver Pott, Campus New York

Meet Oliver Pott

Oliver Pott, Ph.D., is a serial digital founder and owned and operated several businesses around the world. He received his doctorate in neurochemistry from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Oliver worked with hundreds of US companies, mostly tech corporations, to bring their products to Europe.

Having founded three multi-million euro companies, co-owning the Bundesliga Soccer team SC Paderborn 07 and the soccer stadium itself, it’s easy to see why over 500.000 of entrepreneurs and future business owners are paying attention.

In his newest book, Visible!, Oliver Pott delves into the world of visibility in business and how working smart with quiet visibility can garner a thriving business versus one that focuses on “loud” visibility.

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